7.  How to raise a dog
  • How to raise pet puppies, the following suggestions, I hope to help you, dog vaccination plays a very important role in the health of the dog. Generally, dogs are given intranasal immunization and canine cough disease 30 days after birth. Dogs are given the first six doses of vaccine at 7-8 weeks of birth, and the second six doses of vaccines are given for dogs born at 11-12 weeks. Dogs are given 14- The third six-component vaccine and rabies vaccination in 15 weeks. After your dog has gone through this immunization plan, what you have to do in the future is to inject one injection of six-group vaccine and one injection of rabies vaccine every year, so that your dog can say goodbye to the threatening infectious diseases.

    Understand the life habits of dogs. Dogs like to bite, we must always give him some bones when feeding, in order to facilitate his teeth grinding. Dogs like people to caress their head, nape and body, but their buttocks and tail are not pleasant to touch. As a pet dog owner, you should understand your pet dog’s habits and living habits, and keep your dog scientifically, so as to ensure the health and liveliness of your pet dog. Remember not to let the dog eat people’s leftovers, because the dog is right The nutritional requirements are different from those of human beings. It is not only time-consuming and troublesome to prepare dog food with human recipes, but it is also difficult for dogs to get complete and balanced nutrition. Dog food should be the main feed.

    High-quality dog food has the advantages of balanced nutrition, easy digestion, convenient storage, and convenient feeding. At the same time, it can improve the dog's disease resistance and delay aging. It is also learned to help dogs choose toys. In fact, dogs are the same as children. Toys are indispensable at every stage of growth. Dogs of different ages have different requirements for toys. Toys can not only bring endless happiness and satisfaction to dogs. In addition, you can also cultivate the good habit of playing alone, so that when the dog is alone at home, it will not be disrupted because of boredom.

    How to choose the right dog collar for walking. At present, there are mainly three kinds of dog collar leather collars, nylon collars and iron chain collars. The leather collars are divided into flat leather collars and cylindrical leather collars. Different dogs need different collars on different occasions, and all dogs need daily exercise. Regardless of whether large or small dogs, dogs need a certain amount of exercise, and dogs of different breeds and ages have different exercises. The owner needs to carefully arrange the appropriate exercise for them. If the dog does not exercise regularly, the most common problem will lead to obesity, and waiting until the dog is already obese before losing weight will also bring physical discomfort to the dog.

    Master the method and frequency of bathing your dog. Everyone has a love for beauty, and dogs are of course no exception. Bathing pets on time is a big deal. It not only allows dogs to maintain a beautiful appearance, but also cleans up their daily hygiene and reduces bacteria and odors on their bodies. , To make the dog more lively and cute, thereby ensuring our own health and the health of family and friends. Before bathing the dog, comb it with a special comb to loosen the stuck hair and knotted hair as much as possible, but don't use too much force to avoid the dog's pain or injury.

    Turn the shower into a small water to wet the dog's body hair, squeeze the shower gel into the palm of your hand, rub it twice, starting from the dog's back, rub the whole body up and down, rinse the dog out of the tub Take it out and wipe it clean with a dry towel, and check whether there is any water in the ears. When it is almost wiped, we will use a hair dryer to dry it. As long as you have patience and love, I believe that the dog will grow up healthy. Normal reaction: The puppies have just left their mother or partner and come to an unfamiliar environment. The following states are regarded as normal reactions.

    Dog barking is more than just a reason for fear of needing to accompany him more. Method: Normally, after one week of adaptation period, there will be no unreasonable barking. Diarrhea dogs will be treated as normal when eating and drinking changes in a new environment, and they can stop eating for one day. Feed probiotics, or add probiotics to the food. If you have diarrhea for more than 3 days, please seek medical advice in time. Yellow dander and insects on the dog belong to the excrement of jumping out of the nest. Solution The bugs on the big dog are not clean and will be brought to the puppies. This is inevitable. When the dog arrives in the new environment, he can use the in vitro deworming potion to spot the puppies' neck. For details, please contact the seller. If the environment is wet, yellow dander will also be produced, which is a normal phenomenon. If it is not serious, keep it dry and sun more. If it is serious, spray medicine.

    Dogs pull insects and noodles are white and wriggling. They are roundworms and need to be dewormed in the body. Generally, we will deworm them at the full moon, but we still need to re-deworm them after half a month. Sometimes the re-drive time does not reach the dogs that have been sold. The new owner can continue the deworming on time. The puppies eat their own excrement. The reason is that the puppies lack trace elements. Add trace element tablets to the food. It is normal for the puppies to have tear marks. It is normal for puppies to eat and drink in the future. Medium adjustment or use with eye drops to remove tear marks.


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