8.  Basic knowledge of feeding pet dogs
  • As the saying goes, "people take food as their heaven", which shows how important food is to humans. Similarly, food is equally important to dogs. The following are a few basic common sense about feeding pet dogs. Dog parents must understand.

    How to feed high-calorie meat foods

    In order to meet the needs of rapid development during the puppy period, it must be allowed to eat as much high-calorie food as possible. But if you eat too much fat, it is easy to damage the digestive organs. Therefore, it can be fed after removing the fat part of the meat.

    What to do if the dog is not used to eating hard special dog food

    Most puppies can eat hard special dog food when they are about 2 months old. If the puppies are not used to eating for a while, you can soak them in boiling water, milk or soup before feeding them.

    How to judge whether the feeding amount is appropriate

    The food intake of each dog is not exactly the same. You can feed a little more at the beginning, and then judge whether the feed is too far depending on the amount of leftover food. You can slowly increase the amount of feed as the puppies grow up. The feeding amount should be adjusted once every 3 weeks according to the puppies' feeding status.

    We can also say that "dogs feed on food". Only when the dog is fed and the dog's body is strong and healthy, can we talk about working and serving humans.


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