11.  How to domesticate a cat
  • The history of domesticating cats is much later than that of dogs. What is surprising is that the ancestors of wild cats are the same as those of dogs. A long, long time ago, due to the vigorous expansion of agriculture, many families had crops and warehouses. At that time, rodents, mammals, rodents and small animals harmed farmers' crops. This enabled wildcats and humans to establish a mutually beneficial relationship. It just so happens that these small animals are the prey of wild cats, cats have obtained abundant food resources, and human beings are free from the troubles of rodents that hate them. Initially, the existence of these wild cats may be accepted or even encouraged by humans, throwing some food from time to time. Just like wolves, some of the more tame wild cats were gradually absorbed into human society, thus creating the earliest semi-domesticated cat groups.

    When it comes to cats, everyone first thinks of their chubby, well-behaved, docile, and lovely look. Especially girls have a soft spot for cats, but for most cat slaves, raising cats is more than just feeding, bathing, and walking. Simple, let me briefly share some details about cat feeding:

    First: Before adopting a cat, everyone should do some homework related to cats. As for the cognition of cat types, some cats are purebreds of noble blood, and some are common native cats. Of course, I personally think whether it is a purebred cat or a native cat I like the cats when I see them! Of course, more and more cats are being adopted for free. What everyone needs to pay attention to is that no matter whether they are adopted or bought with money, they need to be vaccinated.

    Second: If the adopted cat is still a milk cat, you must pay special attention, because the young milk cat needs to consume milk powder. When feeding, pay special attention to the feeding speed not too fast, and the amount of milk is not too large, otherwise it will easily cause kittens Choking or spitting up milk! There are several reasons for spitting up: 1. It may be that cheap milk powder is not as nutritious as breast milk. Cheap milk powder contains a lot of creamer, so kittens will vomit out naturally. 2. There is lactose in the milk ingredient, which makes it difficult to digest. Cats will be prone to diarrhea and vomiting after eating. If you usually need to breastfeed, then feed goat milk powder. Remember to warm water to a suitable temperature before feeding.

    Third: The choice of cat food is very important. The cat food for kittens and cats should also be best distinguished, because kittens need far more nutrients than adult cats. It is best for kittens to choose to eat special food for kittens. This can better absorb the nutrients contained in the kitten food. If the kitten eats adult cat food, it is likely to cause indigestion or diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms. Cats should not eat chocolate, because chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which can cause cat food poisoning and cause vomiting and diarrhea. Don’t feed humans’ rice to cats as much as possible, because this will easily cause cats to be unable to absorb them, cause gastrointestinal blockage, and cats will get sick!

    Fourth: Cats are very clean animals. Normal cats will go to the toilet to defecate in a fixed place. We'd better prepare a place for cats to defecate at home, a simple basin, or go to the pet store to buy a special The box is also ok. Put some cat litter in the container. Of course, you can also put some fine sand in the container, so that after the cat defecates us, it will be more convenient for us.

    Fifth: Generally, cats are ready for vaccination in about 2 months. After the vaccination, the cat’s own resistance will increase significantly. It is especially important to note that it is best not to bathe before the vaccination. It is easy to catch a cold. If you must wash it, try to take your cat to a professional pet shop to clean it. In fact, the cat is very clean. Generally, if it is an ordinary domestic short-haired cat, it is OK to take a bath every 1 or 3 months. Yes, cats with longer hair can be cleaned once within a month.

    Sixth: Cat slaves must remember to trim their cat’s nails regularly, otherwise the cat’s nails are too long and are not trimmed in time, then the furniture and clothes at home will suffer. When trimming the cat’s nails, it’s best to use cat special Nail tools, so that no matter if it is a larger cat or a kitten, you can safely trim your nails. When trimming your cat’s nails, you must pay special attention to the length of the nails. We only need to trim the front transparent nail part of the cat’s claw. , And there is a white part under the transparent part of the nail. If you think the nail is not short enough, you can cut off the white part. I personally recommend that you don’t reduce it. The bottom of the nail is pink. Pay special attention to the pink nail Be sure not to use scissors, or the cat will get hurt.

    There are advantages and disadvantages to keeping a cat, let me briefly talk about it below:

    Benefit one, emotional sustenance. Many young people are roaming outside and come back home every day to look at the empty room. So the best thing for this kind of people is to have a cat. It can accompany the owner and act like a baby and give you warmth from time to time. It is an emotional sustenance.

    The second benefit is to cultivate temperament. Raising a cat can gradually change a person's disposition. You will take care of it very carefully. At this time, people's patience and love are stimulated together, so that in your life, you will be welcomed by more people.

    The first disadvantage is that cats need a suitable and comfortable living environment. Secondly, they have to eat and drink every day. They need to buy cat food, cat toys, cat litter, and medical expenses when they are sick. These necessities of life are also a lot of expenses, which will cause a certain financial burden to young people with low incomes.

    Disadvantage two, raising a cat is not like raising a flower. You don't care about it unless you come back from adoption. You need to pay a certain amount of time and patience for it. Feed it regularly, take a bath, and cut nails. The same as taking care of a child. If you don't have enough time every day, it can be a tiring task to take care of it after get off work every day.


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