12.  What to pay attention to when keeping pets during the epidemic
  • The new coronavirus is not a reason to abandon cats and dogs.

    Zhang Lei, Dean of Wuhan Shencaifeiyang Pet Grooming Management College: It has been confirmed by scientists that pets will not spread the new coronavirus. Even if pets are used as "carriers" to come into contact with the epidemic, they only need to be isolated and disinfected rather than abandoned and destroyed. He suggested that in order to avoid pets as a carrier to carry the virus to the owner, the pets need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before they can continue to be kept normally. In other words, pets are no different from clothes and door handles. As a carrier, they should be disinfected after going out to protect themselves and pets.

    Pet friend Wang Ruimin's message: Pets are largely abandoned, which can not effectively control the spread of diseases, but also due to the rapid increase in the number of stray dogs and cats, other public health problems and potential zoonotic problems will arise, which will affect the new coronavirus The prevention and control of the virus-infected pneumonia epidemic has worsened the situation. Mr. Liu, who used to take the dog for a walk after dinner every day, now trains the dog to go to the bathroom at home. After more than a week, the puppy has basically adapted to the home life.

    Measures: Reduce unnecessary trips with pets. If possible, it is best to solve the dog's excretion problem at home and avoid walking the dog in crowded places. Dogs go out to wear masks, shoes, leashes, dress, go home with pet disinfectant (spray) to disinfect the dog's body, disinfect the dog's clothes and shoes, take a medicated bath every week, and get more sun at home.


    1. Protect yourself when you go out. When going out, the owner needs to wear a mask for protection, choose a time and place with less crowds, and keep a distance from other pedestrians and animals.

    2. Reduce the scope of the dog's going out, be sure to pull and wear a mask to avoid licking and contacting suspicious objects. Clean up excrement in time and be a civilized pet breeder.

    3. Use 75% alcohol to clean pets (to avoid open nose) and traction after going home.

    4. Caring for stray cats and dogs to avoid contact and disinfect them.

    Public health experts remind pet lovers to take precautions against hygiene at home: strengthen hygiene management, clean up excrement and litter box frequently, disinfect regularly and replace pet supplies in time. Use pet household environmental disinfectants to clean the ground and cages, spray alcohol to disinfect food bowls, water basins, traction ropes, mouthpieces and other items, and place them in a ventilated place.

    Experts emphasize: Be careful not to let the disinfection become poisonous! If you want to disinfect the pet after going out, you can use 75% alcohol, but you must avoid the open nose to avoid harm to the respiratory tract; 84 disinfectant does not dilute excessive concentration will cause pets Sore throat, drooling, vomiting, abdominal pain, tongue burning...Do not use it directly on pets, and pay attention to safety when using it at home.


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