14.  Pet health: health knowledge you should know about keeping a dog
  • Many people worry about keeping a bad dog, and fear that the dog might get sick. In fact, feeding a dog is not as difficult as imagined. Only the owner of the pet can help the dog grow up healthily. Touch one by one along the spine from the pet’s neck to the tail, and you can feel the obvious collapse. When the symptoms are mild, they can be found through lateral X-rays of the spine. X-ray examination changes include protrusion of the spine from the thoracic spine to the lumbar spine (arched back), and collapse of the lumbar spine to the sacrum. Sometimes the symptoms can be seen as a decrease in bone shadow due to decalcification of the whole body bone, a thinning of bone compactness, and occasionally multiple long bone fractures and pelvic fractures at the same time.

    The dog's esophagus wall has abundant striated muscle, and the vomiting center is developed. After eating poison, it can cause a strong vomiting reflex and expel the poison swallowed into the stomach, which is a relatively unique defensive ability. Dogs have well-developed salivary glands, which can secrete a lot of saliva, moisten the mouth and feed, and facilitate chewing and swallowing. Saliva also contains lysozyme, which has a bactericidal effect. In the hot season, it relies on the evaporation of water in saliva to dissipate heat to regulate body temperature. Therefore, in summer, we can often see dogs open their mouths and stick out their long tongues to replace sweating and heat dissipation. The dog's stomach is irregularly pear-shaped, and the content of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice is 0.4~0.6%, ranking first among domestic animals. Hydrochloric acid can swell and denature protein, which is convenient for decomposition and digestion. Therefore, dogs have a strong ability to digest protein, which is the basis of their meat eating habits.

    Eat meat and drink milk: You may think that the dog is very weak, and looking at its pitiful appearance, you want to feed it something delicious. And you also like to watch the dogs devour the food you prepare, but this approach is also wrong. The stomach of dogs, especially puppies, is very fragile. It is easy to vomit and have diarrhea. Meat and milk are things that can easily cause gastrointestinal problems in dogs, and diarrhea when dogs are weak is very difficult to cure. , So you have to understand this knowledge of dog keeping: the safest diet for dogs is dog food with plain water. Although it looks lighter, it will not cause any problems. In addition, you have to ask the dog’s original owner what kind of dog food it used to eat. During the first period of time when you raised this dog, it’s better to let it eat the original dog food, and slowly change it to another one. Dog food.

    There are these reasons for dog convulsions. If the dog has convulsions but gets better after a while, it is epilepsy. Epilepsy cannot be cured, but it can be improved by medicine. Canine plague. Canine plague is a serious disease of dogs, but it is not a terminal disease. Although not all canine plagues will have convulsions, if dogs have convulsions, they can be tested with canine plague test paper, and some dogs After the canine plague is cured, there will be convulsions.


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