15.  Cat health knowledge
  • People are under increasing pressure, so many people choose to raise a pet to relieve their stress in life, but raising cats is not a trivial matter. Once we raise them, we are responsible for them. Today, the editor of this article will talk about how to ensure the healthy growth of cats and avoid a lot of small troubles in raising cats after reading it!

    1. Obesity

    According to the survey, many people have become obese because they love their cats. However, if the cat is too obese, it will directly affect the life of the cat. Cats, like humans, are obese and cause various diseases, such as heart disease, joint disease and other serious diseases. The cause of obesity is also very simple. Feeding a lot of high-calorie foods, and the lack of space for activities at home, leads to insufficient exercise for the cat.

    The preventive measures are also very simple. Please give your cat a regular ration for each meal, pay more attention to the ingredient list of cat food, and feed your cat as little as possible to human food. If your cat likes to play outside, bring a traction suit. You can go for more walks and increase the amount of exercise! Remember to bring a rope when you go out. If the cat is unwilling to go out, don't force the cat. Forcing it will cause stress and directly cause the cat's death. It is also a good choice to spend more time playing with cats at home.

    2. Check

    In addition to preventing obesity, we also need to take cats for regular inspections. The most common distemper and smallness are caused by cats who have not done regular immunization work and have direct contact with sick pets. Therefore, we must regularly vaccinate cats. , This is the guarantee for the cat’s health and the protection of the cat. Cats who have not been vaccinated are best not to take them out to come into contact with cats outside!

    Pet tumors are the easiest to ignore, but this is the main cause of death of older cats. Many people misunderstand that it is natural to die. Sterilizing pets can effectively prevent tumors. During the feeding process, try to give cats some health products containing small peptides, which can effectively improve the immunity of the pets. It is also a way to prevent the appearance of tumors and extend the life of pets.

    3. Security

    The last point is that we need to be protected by our owner. Cats are very curious animals. We need to check whether the windows are closed at all times, and pay attention when going out to prevent cats from running out of the house by themselves! Having said that, do you find that raising cats is not an easy task? Only when we love them with our hearts can we be rewarded with the same love.

    Well, today’s article is over here. Many diseases of cats are caused by our carelessness. It is also necessary to learn all the time. Pay attention to us to gain more knowledge about raising cats!


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